Thank You Pamby Motors!

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Pamby’s found out that sponsoring our events is good for their business. Thank you for your significant donation for our annual BBQ event

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Great American Cookout coming to ridgefield

Great American Cookout will bring the art and taste of outdoor cooking to some of the biggest and best barbeque contests, festivals and retail locations throughout the nation. In its tenth year, the Great American Cookout will stop at over 50 retail locations and 20 food festivals throughout the tour’s seven months on the road. BBQ experts and GAC tour hosts, Mike and Christine Peters, will share grilling tips and free samples with event attendees, so bring your napkins, this is one cookout you do not want to miss!
Our sponsors to-date are Tums, McCormick Grill Mates, Bubba Burger, Cowboy Charcoal, Grillbot, Gateway Drum Smokers, and Tyson.
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The Egg Scramble

eggFor 24 years Robin Mathews, Assistant Director of

Parks & Rec has partnered with the Rotary Club of

Ridgefield, whose chair for this event for the past

15 years has been Simon Cooper, to conduct the

quickest event in Town – 2016 Egg Scramble-2.

Rotarians “lay” 6,000eggs for the

children to gather.Simon purchases the eggs from an organizantion in Missouri which is like Sphere, that supports and employs special needs people. The children (and parents) gather outside the designated areas (grouped by age – above is the 3 to 4 group) until 11am when the start signal is given. At 11:01 the ground is clear! The anticipation and joy on the children’s faces make this event worthwhile.

A highlight of the event is the visit from the Easter Bunny!

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21st Progressive Dinner

Progressive Dinner 2016The Progressive dinner set records.  This $4500 check raises the total donation to the foundation from this event to $70,000.  In addition to the amount raised we had more people hosting dinners than ever… Sue, Jill Cliff, Pat Joel Eileen & Jim.  A special thanks to the Vazanna’s for hosting the Appetizers and the Bodner’s  for the deserts and a few beverages!  The word few may be an understatement.

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Fly the Colors Program Accepting Renewals and New Subscribers

Raising Funds to Help Others

flythecolorsThe Rotary Club of Ridgefield has re-launched its innovative program that encourages the patriotic display of the American flag on six American Holidays Proceeds from the project, called “Fly the Colors,” will be used to benefit veterans and their immediate families from this area.

Rotarians place an American flag in front of participants’ houses for six holidays and remove it after the celebrations are over. The events are Memorial Day, Flag Day, The Fourth of July, Labor Day, Patriot Day and Veterans Day.

The flag program is an annual, subscription-based service. The first year cost is $50; thereafter it is $25 a year.

If you would like to participate for the first time, you prefer to renew online or you would like to learn more, just click here.

The Ridgefield detachment of the Marine Corps League and Ridgefield Supply Company W-Rotary-Flagsare partners in the project, providing guidance on operations, logistical help, and materials for the installation and removal of flags.

Here’s how the program works: A plastic pipe will be buried permanently in front yards, near the street and flush with the ground, to hold the flag staff in place. A plastic cap will cover the pipe when not in use. A marker will be put in the street to indicate the location of the buried pipe.

A 3×5 foot flag on a 10-foot staff will be placed in the holder. Installation will be in coordination with “Call Before You Dig” and Ridgefield Public Works. Homeowners will be asked to notify the installers of underground installations such as sprinkler systems or invisible dog fences near the curb.

If you subscribed last year, you will receive a renewal notice and can accept the invitation to re subscribe and have a flag placed in front of your home in time for the upcoming Memorial Day.


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