Citizen of the Year


The Rotary Club of Ridgefield Announces the 2016 Citizen of the Year Joyce Ligi.

In recognition of her many years of service to the Ridgefield Community. She exemplifies the Rotary Motto Service Above Self

Join us June 22, 6:00PM at Stonehenge to honor this wonderful Ridgefield resident and to say “Thank You!” Tickets $75, Cash Bar

sponsored by Danbury Audi

Buy tickets hereVertical_AudiDanbury_HiRes__4C

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Rotary 75th Anniversary Sponsorship Program

Members of Ridgefield Rotary have been serving the citizens of Ridgefield since the founding of the club on January 9, 1941.The oldest on-going Ridgefield Rotary program is Citizen of The Year. This program honors those Ridgefielders who, for 10 years or more have been impactful, volunteer, hands-on leaders and role models in at least three Ridgefield charitable organizations. This year’s Ridgefield Rotary Citizen of The Year is Joyce Ligi. Joyce will be the Guest of Honor at the 75th Ridgefield Rotary Anniversary celebration dinner Wednesday June 22  at the “new” Stonehenge.

There will be a souvenir program book distributed at the celebration. We are inviting would-be as well as  past supporters  to again demonstrate their continued support of Ridgefield Rotary programs through sponsorships and advertisements. As with all Ridgefield Rotary programs, any proceeds from this event will be returned 100% to the deserving in our community via the Ridgefield Rotary grant process.

Please do take a minute to examine the attached offerings and consider being a sponsor or taking an advertisement in the program book for Ridgefield Rotary’s 75th Anniversary celebration. Thank you for your consideration and your past support of Ridgefield Rotary programs.

COTY 2016 Sponsorship (2)1

COTY 2016 Program Ad Book Specs1

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Our Third Annual BBQ Event was a big success!

FB_IMG_1462061918385FB_IMG_146206192553539 teams competed for the $8500 in prize money on April 30th and May 1st.  We had thousands of people show up, even in the rain.  Bands were playing and that competition BBQ smell filled the streets of Ridgefield.


Thanks to all of our volunteers and sponsors who made this event happen.

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Great American Cookout coming to ridgefield

Great American Cookout will bring the art and taste of outdoor cooking to some of the biggest and best barbeque contests, festivals and retail locations throughout the nation. In its tenth year, the Great American Cookout will stop at over 50 retail locations and 20 food festivals throughout the tour’s seven months on the road. BBQ experts and GAC tour hosts, Mike and Christine Peters, will share grilling tips and free samples with event attendees, so bring your napkins, this is one cookout you do not want to miss!
Our sponsors to-date are Tums, McCormick Grill Mates, Bubba Burger, Cowboy Charcoal, Grillbot, Gateway Drum Smokers, and Tyson.
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The Egg Scramble

eggFor 24 years Robin Mathews, Assistant Director of

Parks & Rec has partnered with the Rotary Club of

Ridgefield, whose chair for this event for the past

15 years has been Simon Cooper, to conduct the

quickest event in Town – 2016 Egg Scramble-2.

Rotarians “lay” 6,000eggs for the

children to gather.Simon purchases the eggs from an organizantion in Missouri which is like Sphere, that supports and employs special needs people. The children (and parents) gather outside the designated areas (grouped by age – above is the 3 to 4 group) until 11am when the start signal is given. At 11:01 the ground is clear! The anticipation and joy on the children’s faces make this event worthwhile.

A highlight of the event is the visit from the Easter Bunny!

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